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Club together to support young Deaf lives


Would your students like to learn more about what it’s like to be Deaf, have fun learning some basic sign language and fingerspelling and take part in our ‘Voice Off’ sponsored silence (link through to Voice Off section further down the page) or fundraise in other ways (cake bakes or dress down days).

We have a range of lessons plans to suit all ages and you and your school can help to make a real difference to young Deaf lives.


You might be a Brownies or Scouts pack, a rugby or golf club or a society, such as the local Round Table. You might be looking for someone to give a talk about our work, want to organise a bag pack or fun run, a coffee morning or golf tournament, or help raise awareness of what we do. Simply get in touch to join our team and help support young Deaf lives.

Voice Off Sponsored Silence

Turn your Voice off for a day.

Take part in our hands-on communication challenge. Make your eyes and hands be your voice. Sign it, Write it, Draw it, Act it or text it… just for one day.

Get your class to get sponsored and spend a lesson (or day!) not using their voice. Enjoy the peace and quiet but also get them to learn about other ways to communicate. Learn some basic sign language, spell their name and find creative ways to have fun trying to communicate – the challenge is a fantastic way to gain a little insight into some of the challenges Deaf people can face.

Send one of our sponsor forms home, ask each child to make a small donation to take part, put on a cake sale, or hold a dress down day, there are lots of ways to raise funds.

How your support makes a real difference:

Help us build a new world-class Deaf Academy, designed to deliver the educational and care facilities our inspirational Deaf children and young people deserve.

Every penny of fundraising really makes a difference and your fundraising could help to…

kit out a residential bedroom, creating a safe, homely space for a young Deaf student

equip a specialist classroom to teach our visual learners

install vital acoustics throughout the build to maximise our students access to sound

Sign Up today

Contact The Deaf Academy’s small and friendly fundraising team today to register to take part, receive our fundraising pack (balloons, stickers and more included) and get all the support and advice you need. Call or email Shelley, Dave or Sarah on 01392 267019 or fundraising@exeterdeafacademy.ac.uk or use our enquiry form.

Share your success

We’d love you to join our social media community and share photos, selfies or stories about your Voice Off challenge and Deaf Awareness lesson