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Hold your own sweepstakes

Organise a sweepstake for the New Deaf Academy appeal and help change young Deaf lives.

Your support could help to:

  1. Kit out a residential bedroom to create a safe, homely space for a young Deaf student
  2. Equip a specialist classroom to teach our visual learners
  3. Install vital acoustics to maximise our student’s access to sound

Organising your own sweepstake is a fun and easy way to raise money. Choose a topic, from the football results, to a new baby’s weight, or sweets in a jar.

Six Nations 2020

The Six Nations kicks off on 1 February 2020!

Download our sweepstakes form today – it's easy to hold your own sweepstake – you can start it at work, at home or down the pub. Charge as much as you like per entry (or as much as people are willing to pay).

How to play

1. Simply cut out the team names into individual pieces of paper, fold them and put them into a hat.

2. You can start your own sweepstake at work, at home or down the pub. Charge £5 per entry (or as much as people are willing to pay).

3. Get people to pay their entry fee and draw a name from the hat at random.

4. Keep a note of who picks which team in the table below.

5. Enjoy the rugby, then, for groups bigger than 6, put all those who drew the winning team into a hat

6. Draw an overall winner at random from the hat.

7. The overall winner could either win a prize donated by your company or a percentage of the total donations (just make sure you let people know before they take part).

8. Send the remainder of the donations to help support the New Deaf Academy Appeal, and change young Deaf lives.

Good luck with your sweepstake and thank you for helping to change young Deaf lives.