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Got an idea? Make it happen and help support young Deaf lives

Whether you’ve got a fundraising idea in mind or you just want to do something to support Deaf children and young people, then get in touch.

You might want to grow your hair for a year, organise a cake and a cuppa event or put on a charity sports match. We are just delighted that you are choosing to help young Deaf people while you do it.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, then have a chat with our fundraising team. We’ll support you every step of the way, have lots of ideas, advice, balloons and materials – everything you need to make sure your fundraiser is a success.

Top Fundraising Ideas

SOLD! – De-junk that wardrobe and have a good clear out. Sell your things on Ebay and choose to donate a % of the sale price to Exeter Deaf Academy.

Head/Beard Shave – brave the cold and clip those locks – get sponsored for the deed and even organise a mini party at your local hairdressers so people can come and watch – a leg wax is a great alternative.

Sweepstake – hold a sweepstake at work or with friends. Choose a topic, from the Football results, new baby weight or sweets in a jar.

Dress Down Day – Organise a dress down day at work or school, come in your casual clothes, wear a themed jumper or dress up in Purple for the day and make a donation.

Supermarket Collection – Ask your local supermarket for permission to hold a bucket collection. Recruit some friends and family to help and we can provide you with lots of buckets and information.

Sports Match – organise a charity cricket, football, tennis or darts match. A great way to have some fun with friends whilst raising money and you could include a raffle or cake sale.

Give it up day/week/month – give something up for a day week or month and get sponsored for it. Whether it’s screen time, TV, smoking or drinking what would your friends and family sponsor you to give up?

Voice Off Sponsored Silence – The Deaf children at The Academy face communication challenges every day. Why not turn your voice off for the day, get sponsored, and see how else you might be able to communicate (text, mime, hand signals, writing).

Whatever you decide to do, get in touch with our friendly fundraising team to receive lots of support and your free fundraising pack, full of top tips and ideas. Why not get started by downloading your sponsorship form here?